Nachhaltigkeitslösungen für grosse und kleine Unternehmen

Let energy efficiency help you save costs and protect the environment

Whether you run a small hairdressing salon or a large manufacturing company, potential for energy efficiency can be found everywhere. This is how we are able to help our customers save up to 30% on energy costs. We reduce your energy requirements so that you can move forward into a sustainable energy future.

Saving energy and costs

With the right approach, you can reduce your company’s energy use by 20–50%.

Effective measures

Even small changes to company processes can have a massive effect.

Environmental protection & sustainability

Do your bit for sustainability and protecting the environment – and save yourself some money, too.

By analyzing your overall energy use, we can uncover saving potential. We draw up concrete measures to reduce your energy consumption in the long term. If investment is required, in our experience this amortizes within 1–3 years.

As a business customer of Allianz Schweiz, you benefit from a 20% discount on our energy consulting.

Our PEIK accreditation with Energie Schweiz allows you to benefit from additional lucrative incentives. PEIK is the official energy savings platform of Energie Schweiz for SMEs.

Our PEIK energy consultancy in 3 steps

1. Free consultation

Online or over the phone

  • Establish general potential for savings
  • Determine consultancy options and incentives based on your requirements

You receive:

  • An initial energy and cost savings estimate
  • A recommended consultancy option based on your needs

PEIK cost contribution:

  • 100% (i.e. free for you)

2. Subsidy-based energy consulting

On-site with one of our Bycon experts

  • Determine current situation
  • Determine financially viable measures

You receive a full report including

  • Energy saving measures, costs and payback periods
  • An implementation plan with information on incentives

PEIK cost contribution

  • 50% (max. CHF 1’500.-)

3. Assistance with implementation

On-site with one of our Bycon experts

  • Assist the customer with implementing measures
  • Support the customer with applying for incentives

You will receive support with

  • Launching projects
  • Quote requests and applications for incentive contributions

PEIK cost contribution

  • Up to CHF 500.-

Find more information in Energy Suisse’s brochures
PEIK information broschures DE / IT / FR

Energy savings calculator

Use our energy savings calculator to find out how much you could save and what our service will cost you. The price in the energy savings calculator does not include the Allianz discount or PEIK incentives. Once you have entered your data, a contact form will appear which you can use to contact us with no commitment.

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    Why is it worth investing in energy efficiency in your company?

    Let’s say your company has a profit margin of 5%. In order to increase your annual profit by CHF 2,000, you would need to increase your turnover by 40’000.- CHF.

    But you can increase your profits by the same amount just by using the right energy-saving measures – without needing any increase in turnover.

    Energy savings of over 2’000.- CHF are fully achievable and as the investments amortize within 1–3 years, we believe that investment in energy efficiency is worthwhile for any business.

    Our services in detail

    Our services for SMEs include:

    • Measuring energy sources
    • Establishing energy saving measures
    • Pointing out potential for savings
    • Creating reports containing energy saving measures
    • Checking eligibility for incentives and making applications where applicable
    • Establishing next steps

    We are convinced of your economic and ecologic benefit of this energy efficiency offer for SMEs.

    Make your contribution to society and benefit financially at the same time.